The Mock Trial features students from the District 214 Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Career Cluster acting out a civil or criminal trial by arguing for either the prosecution or defense side against another team.

Students will be participating from Mock Trial teams at Elk Grove High School, John Hersey High School and Wheeling High School.

The mock trial program was started to allow high school students to experience a courtroom setting in a variety of hands-on roles. The mock  trials are set up and structured just like a real court and are bound by the same rules. This can help the students to know exactly what role each of the different people in a court (judges, lawyers, witnesses, etc.) do in the  judicial system.

High school competitions are even held in functional courtrooms…to lend additional authenticity to the trial, (competition mock trials) are presided over by real judges, and the competing teams are typically coached and scored by practicing attorneys.

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